Monday, 17 June 2013

June 2013 Topbox Review

What do you get when you sign up with Topbox?

For $12 a month (with free shipping*), subscribers receive a Glam Bag with four beauty samples. Topbox is customized; your samples are based on the Beauty Profile you filled out when you signed up. Unlike most Monthly Glam Bags, not only do you not know what you're getting ahead of time, but you can't find any spoilers from Topbox's website. Every month is a complete surprise!

*available to Canadian residences only

What I got:

Belvada Cosmetics
Mini Eyelash Curler

Cost: $5.99

Thoughts: What's not to love about this? This is prefect to throw in a small makeup bag while traveling!

Benefit Cosmetics
Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss (6.5 mL)

Cost: $8.25

Thoughts: In my opinion, Benefit is a really good brand. Plus, I love lipgloss. This was perfect for me.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics
Fairy Lashes Mascara

Colour: Black

Cost: $24 (8ml)

Thoughts: I've never heard of "Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics" but I think the name is hilarious. The mascara goes on really well and I was happy to get a full sized product.

China Glaze
Nail Polish

Colour: Exotic Encounters

Cost: $10-12

Thoughts: I love nail polish. I love China Glaze. I do not like this colour!

The whole Glam Bag, with the box!

This was my first Topbox and I was quite happy with it. Other than the nail polish, I'll be using everything in this box. I might get brave and try the nail polish one day. Maybe. 

Total cost of bag: $50.24
How much I paid: $12.00 (plus tax)
Savings: $38.24

Interested in getting your own Topbox bag? Send me an email to use my refferal code (here)!


  1. This is awesome! Jelly Pong Pong cracks me up! I think that benefit lip gloss is the best thing in the box, I'd love me some of that!

  2. Topbox?? I so want to join in on this :)

  3. that's awesome, Alex! I've always wanted to join one of these. I love benefit cosmetics! and I love the color of the polish!!

  4. I've never heard of this one! I might have to look into this!

  5. Haha Jelly Pong Pong. That's a really funny name. This looks like a really good box, it's a shame they aren't available in the US!


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