Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Random Wednesday - Damn, That Hurts

"Don’t it seem like these days,
That everybody’s got something to say.
But I don’t pay attention to the talk babe yeah.
I don’t really care; give yourself a chance,
To see my love girl."
- Justin Timberlake, That Girl
I bet you're dying to know what it is that hurts. Am I heartbroken? Did I get into a fight with my BFF? Did I trip and fall and smash my face in? Granted, those would all hurt. But, alas it's none of those. It's my freaken back

It feels like someone dropped an eight-hundred ton brick on it, then jumped on it a bit, while pointing and laughing at me. For the record, it's not funny.

The pain started a bit on Friday and got worse on Saturday. I was sure it because of the rock hard bed we slept on at the Hyatt. After a wonderful sleep on my own bed on Sunday, I felt much better on Monday. Until today. When that damn brick was dropped on me. Again.

I'm pretty sure I just have absolutely no idea what I'm doing at the gym and I managed to pull something while doing weights. Or while doing sit-ups. Or planking. Because I'm a dufus and I'm sure I do all those things wrong.

So, today I'm doing the right thing: I'm skipping the gym and getting a massage instead. I'm sure that will solve all my problems. If it doesn't, at least I'm getting a massage. Massages = amazing.

Have you ever pulled anything at the gym before? 
How are you sure you're doing each of your exercises correctly?

Seriously people, I need some advice here.

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  1. Oh no, feel better! I have a confession...I've never been to a gym before! The idea terrifies me haha. Enjoy your massage, it's much better than the gym anyway :)

  2. HAHA how fabulous! I love the little cartoon :)

    Confession: I do go to the gym, but only after my boyfriend goes with me. Not even that I'm clingy, but I am just not motivated and feel extremely self conscious if I don't have a workout buddy. It is embarrassing! However, when I do go the gym I lift weights, which inevitably exposes me to a massive amount of testosterone and egotistical men. Perhaps that is why I require a buddy! :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. back pain is the worst! I love working out but I've never really injured myself.... other than that time I fell flat on my face on the treadmill... but let's not talk about that. hopefully your back feels better soon!

  4. oh ps I'm your newest follower. just thought I'd tell youbecause I hate when I get new floaters and I'm like who is it? I want to say hi!!

  5. oh man that sucks. hope you feel better soon!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  6. My mom's back has been terrible for about a week. Granted she didnt go tot he gym or anything but still, I understand your pain.

    to be honest, I stink at the gym. My fiance has a membership and I've gone with him a few times but I have no idea how to do it right or what to even do. To be honest, I get all my exercise from a thing On Demand and also from Wii fit.

  7. I'm too shy to go to the gym. I work out at home in front of my tv. But points to you for going. I completely agree with the illustration you provided- pride has a lot to do with how much we lift and how far we push ourselves. (I may work out at home, but I still work out with sisters, or sometimes have an audience of one courtesy of my husband once he's done with his workout.)

    I found you through my friend's blog, and thought that I would stop in and say hi. Hi! I read your "About Me" page as well, and I thought that your relationship with your sibling was adorable. I have nine siblings, and I love every one of them.


  8. i'm so sorry to hear your back is so sore!! those ecards always crack me up! i hope you feel good as new VERY soon!! sending lots of love your way! xoxo

  9. that ecard is hilarious. no bueno that you hurt yourself, although the best thing would be to rest it, otherwise you will be out for longer. :-(
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!

  10. Hope that message helped!! I've self screwed up my back before doing weights the wrong way, boy does it hurt!!

  11. Hilarious. Gosh sometimes that pic is so true. :)


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