Monday, 8 April 2013

Quiet 'Evil Dead' Weekend

After spending last weekend in Richmond, VA and going to Montreal, QC not one weekend, but two weekends in a row, taking this weekend easy seemed like a good idea. Therefore, this will be a pretty boring weekend recap.

So what did I do?

I saw Evil Dead.

Not really.

Everyone seems to have different opinions of this movie. I love horror movies, so if you tell me to go see one, I will. But I'm also extremely critical of them. I find that horror movies, as of late, all seem to be lacking something. Something that makes them actually scary (with the exception of Insidious. That movie scared the crap out of me. I loved it).

For me, Evil Dead was lacking something. Maybe it's because the acting of the main character, David, was so poorly done that I really couldn't get into the movie. There were a lot of inconsistencies as well. Ex. One moment, while they're outside, it's raining. The next moment it stops raining. The next moment it's raining again. Um, what?

There were just too many things that were too far fetched for me.

Having a bunch of 16-year-old girls behind me screaming - and I mean screaming - at every little thing, didn't help either (FYI, this an 18A movie).

If you like gore and the occasional scary scene, then ignore my criticism and go see it. It's not that bad.

Other than seeing Evil Dead, and going out for drinks, I spent the weekend doing chores.

That's not water. Can anyone guess what it is?

Also discovered that the gym I go to, Goodlife, bought over another gym, Extreme Fitness. Checked out one location. Here's what's sweet about it:

  •   it's four floors
  •   has a whirlpool
  •   has curling irons and flat irons in the women's change room
  •   has a lounge area in the change room
  •   has basketball and squash courts
  •   it's a got a juice bar
  •   it has free wifi

Seriously, pretty sweet. I don't know any Goodlife locations that have any of that.

Downside? Old equipment and everything is all over the place.

Do you go to the gym? What's yours like?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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  1. I LOVE horror movies. I watched "Cabin in the Woods" on netflix last night. It came out last year, but I hadn't seen it yet. It's very odd. I haven't processed if I liked it or not yet. Did you see "Mama"? xx

  2. that gym sounds amazing!!! my gym isn't anything like that! hahah

  3. I haven't seen the new Evil Dead, but have you seen the original? I'm waaay more partial to the older horror films from the 80s. I thought the original was great. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of it :o)

  4. Flatiron at the gym, where do u sign up!!

  5. I agree that scary movies these days seem to be lacking something! We walked out of the movie & I was like, "Wow, great pick babe!" (sarcastically) The only good part was that it was pretty fast paced, there always seemed to be something going on. But once they got to the ending I think they kinda drug it out too long.. Oh well, I try to go see every scary movie that comes out in hopes that they'll actually be... SCARY! ha

  6. Not really sure how I managed to overlook this, but I didn't realize that you have a degree in writing. Super jealous! It's what I wanted to do and didn't! Sigh! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

  7. I go to LA fitness- and it's not that exciting. haha! i can't watch scary movies- I am a chicken!

  8. i'm terrified of scary movies, so i'd probably be screaming with those 16 year olds haha. also, for the drink - i'm guessing vodka soda? that's usually what i get whenever i order a mixed drink :)

  9. AH! I can't watch scary movies. And that gym sounds amazing!

  10. I am not really into scary movies, I am the type that goes to one and can't help but scream at the screen that the girl shouldn't go in there or something. Not the person your really want to sit with in a cinema ha ha plus if I see anything scary with my husband lets just say that I have to walk into each room of our house first for the next week! He is such a baby.
    That gym sounds totally awesome! I left my old gym because it was super duper expensive, always full of "juice heads" and it took me 25 mins just to drive there BOO! I was also waiting for the new gym down the street from me to be built but its been delayed so now I am itching for it go get built so I can get back to the gym grrr!
    Love Gi

  11. your gym sounds amazing - i love that they have curling and flat irons there for you!! those drinks look so good. it has been so long since i've had a drink...i imagine my first will be something fun. :) i love scary movies even though they freak me out..steve can be a bit of a baby with them.
    i hope you had a relaxing night, alex!
    happy tuesday! xoxo


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