Monday, 15 April 2013

Is It Monday Already?

"Then she decides that the dogs they belong inside,
It's a never ending ride you're taking.
I can decide for you hey,
It's kinda like a love song."
-Sky; Love Song
It always ceases to amaze me how quickly the weekend goes by. I meant to spend my weekend doing a bit of apartment cleaning, but that somehow didn't happen. Instead, this weekend was spent out and about.

Friday I spent my night playing Bingo with my dear friend Eliane and her family (yes, I am 70-years-old). The Bingo hall we went to was pretty big. We could have won a whopping $3000! Instead, none of us won anything. Boo-urns.

Wait, I get a gift? Why?
Saturday I finished the in-class portion of driving school. Although it'll be nice to not wake up at 7am again on a Saturday morning, I have to admit I actually enjoyed class (nerd, much?). It was also nice that I was never the youngest person in class.

I then stopped by my dad's for a bit to say hi, just to be ignored by my little brother. Apparently, Minecraft trumps big sister time. Whatever. I'm over it. (Not really.)

Because we're such good friends, Mike and I celebrated Anjru's (that guy up there) birthday three months late. It's the thought that counts, obviously. Anjru got a big ass piece of cake. I settled for a little white chocolate brownie. Delish!

Mike, Anjru and me
I'm not a giant. I swear.
Sunday I did my first in-car professional driving lesson. Thanks to Andrew, I already have driving experience and I'm clearly a pro. Just eight more hours of in-car lessons to go then I can finally do the driving test!

Andrew and I then went out to eat with his BFF and enjoyed the nice weather we're finally starting to get.

Now I'm back at the office and I've got lots to do!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. I love going to play bingo! (apparently I'm 70 years old too haha) I've never won anything, but last weekend my mom & brother & sister went & they won a $50 stereo & a t-shirt... better than nothing I guess? lol. & I have definitely celebrated peoples birthdays 3 months late. I'm all about the "better late than never" thing!!

  2. I love playing bingo!! So fun!

  3. Girl, I was supposed to go to a drag queen bingo Friday night but I totally passed! Next week it's a must! Happy Monday!!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I'm wishing you lots of luck on your driver's sweet Andrew has been helping you! Steve would have murdered me if he had to teach me. Lol. I love love love Bingo!! Glad you had a fun past few days! Happy Monday! Xoxox

  5. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I tell Jared all the time we need to go to our local bingo hall, I think it sounds like a blast!!! :)

  6. I'm so jealous you played Bingo, I've been wanting to, there's a huge hall by my work and I think it'd be so fun! haha

  7. I'm 24 going on 70 so I would have loved playing Bingo with you!


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