Thursday, 21 March 2013

I've Got Beef with Kim Kardashian

Alright ladies, this post may offend some of you, but before you start sending me hate mail and throwing rotten eggs at my house, just remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Right? And in my opinion, Kim Kardashian is what's wrong with society. SorryI'mNotSorry.

I'm so sick and tired of this girl. And now she's pregnant? The woman can't stay married for more than 72 days but she can bring another self-centered Kardashian into the world?

She knows how to pump gas?

I know you Kardashian lovers are all on the defensive right now, so maybe you can explain to me what she's famous for. Because, according to most of the world, including her baby daddy, it's from a boring dirty little sex tape. As Kayne says in his single Clique: "Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie."

(I had to validate his claim that they eat breakfast at "Gucci" so I googled it. It actually is a restaurant. Don't blame me for not knowing that. I live in Canada. In an igloo. Where, for breakfast, I catch fish with my bare hands.)

Anyway, let me break it all down for you. Here are my 10 reasons why I would be happy as a clam if Kim Kardashian (and the Kardashian clan) would fall off the face of the earth were never heard from again:

1. The Sex Tape & Ray J

Let's be honest people. If it wasn't for the tape, no one would know who Kim is. That tape is what made her who she is. And from what I hear, she does a great job of doing nothing in it.

2. She runs to mommy for everything/Even when she cries she looks fake

Enough said.

3. Haiti

Kim went to Haiti, where she stayed in a $1,000 a night hotel and had children bused to her so she could meet them; completely avoiding refugee camps. 

This scam even got Oprah talking, to which she fumed, "I think Kim is a phony." You go girl!

4. Her butt EXPLODED?
Okay, even I can admit that this is a stretch and might not be true. But if it is, come on.. Butt implants?
If you're going to get them, at least be honest about it!

5. Her 72 day marriage

 Really, anyone who believes that wasn't just a publicity stunt needs a reality check.

Side note: I worked at the Air Canada Center for a few years. There, I met Kris Humphries parents (he was on the Toronto Raptors once-upon-a-time). They were very nice people and I'm sure they were very disappointed in their son. Just sayin'.

6. Her pregnancy
Am I the only one that's bothered by the spelling error in this meme?
Speaking of publicity stunts, I can't help but wonder if that baby was just a "perfect inconvenience".

7. Let's not forget that she's conceited and money-hungry

8. She wears fur

How many innocent animals must die in order for her to cover her.. bathing suit?

9. The celebs hate her too.
From Snopp Dogg calling her a ho, Michael Buble calling her a bitch, Amber Rose calling Kim out on being a homewrecker, Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm calling her a f**king idiot, to Beyonce calling her "beyond cheesy" the list of celeb hate for KK goes on.

10. She has her little sisters following in her footsteps

This little girl is 15. I feel like a pedophile for even putting this picture up.

I have to hand it to her though; if my words meant anything to anyone in the TMZ universe, this post would probably make her more famous. That takes a very special kind of fame.

What do YOU dislike about KK? If not her, then which celeb and why?

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  1. Your post was so entertaining to read! I actually agree with everything you said! She just wants to be famous and nothing else! xo

  2. Omg I LOVE Kim kardashians. She's totes my home girl yo. Lol ok.

    I know who influenced this post. You funny girl :P

  3. Kardashian*

    I'm typing on my iPhone, in the cold. Don't judge us.

  4. I agree completely. I was flipping channels and saw a few minutes of their show on E, and they were comparing the smells of their vaginas. I kid you not. I could not change the channel quickly enough, and it still makes me gag!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  5. I can't stand KK or any of the Kardashians for that matter. Great post! I laughed my tail off but totally agree with every point you made!

    xo, Ashley

  6. I completely agree with everything. It really disgusts me that someone can become so famous and celebrated by literally doing nothing. What does that teach girls today? Do nothing, act stupid, and you can still have it all.

  7. hahaha this is great! I totally agree. BTW her butt is close to a crater coming out of her body in that top pic, wow

  8. I agree with 90% of this. Between her and honey boo boo our society is just slipping more and more into a sink hole. She is famous for what most people would be shamed for. Her pregnancy is a joke. As is her claims of infertility. As someone who has gone through 2 years and more infertility treatments than anyone would know what to do with I take serious offense to her saying she has fertility problems. Yes her system was supressed because of birth control (especially when she was on them for 10 years) and yes at 33 your fertility drops but that happens to everyone. Sorry but infertility is marked as having been activly trying to get pregnant for more than 12 consecutive cycles. She is playing it up because lets face it did she really want to get pregnant or was this really an oops baby.

    The only thing I don't reallt agree with what you said about her sister. She has a legit modeling career and 14/15 is a pretty standard age to start that at. While I don't agree with the overly sexual nature of the industry she has at least kept out of the spotlight as much as possible unlike Kim.

  9. i LOVED this post. to be honest, i don't keep with with the kardashians at all. LOL. i used to watch it a few years ago but haven't in so long. my mom actually fills me in on the dirt. :) i think kim seems like you said - a walking publicity stunt. i do admit (don't slap me) that i think she is gorgeous. but that's it. she does nothing for me. :)
    thanks for this awesome post, alex!
    hope you're having a great one! xoxox

  10. I hate all the drama she creates! I don't watch their shows. I also think they're voices are annoying.

  11. Oh my god literally OBSESSED with this post! I can not stand Kim for all of the reasons above!!! She definitely is a HUGE fake and I can not stand how they're bringing the little sisters into this whole phony 'entertainment' deal at such a young age. It blows my mind that she thinks she would have been any deal at all had it not been for that tape!

  12. I am going to start of by saying that I love me some Kardashian! I love love love khloe and kourtney but I CANT STAND KIM! ha ha I know the girls are pretty much famous for being Kims sisters but I still love those 2! Kim is one of the ugliest criers ever, she is super self centered and I mean anyone that gets married for 72 days is just plain pathetic! Did they even try to fix it? totally rediculous!
    Love Gi

  13. I am so sick of celebrities who don't do anything noteworthy to become famous; they just make their money by having a relation to someone who actually worked for it.

  14. No hate mail coming from me... I couldn't agree more with everything you said. She became famous for being a slut... wow, yea.. what a great role model right? I do admit, she is pretty but that's about it. The whole family is horrible. Kris and Kim are by far the most annoying and the worst. Sadly, this is what America has come to... being obsessed with the Kardashians... and for what? They don't give a crap about anyone


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