Thursday, 14 March 2013

Easiest Way to Import Feeds Into Bloglovin'

So you're making the jump over to Bloglovin'? Congrats.

You want to bring all the blogs you follow over with you? Cool beans. Here's how:

Step 1. 
On the bloglovin' homepage, you may see a notice telling you that Google Reader is shutting down; you can import the blogs you follow by clicking on their link. If you don't see that notice, skip this step and go to

If you do see the notice, just click where it says here (or on the link I provided above).

Step 2. 

Click on Google reader.

Step 3. 

 This is tedious, I know. Click on Import from Google Reader.

Step 4. 

Click on Allow access.

That's all there is to it! Now all the great blogs you follow via Google Friend Connect and Google Reader are with you on bloglovin'!


  1. How does the GFC thing work and how does blog lovin work too. i'll have to read that post later. but i wanted to let you know I'm following you back. Do you network blog too? and how long have you been bloggin?

  2. I just did this after reading your post. Thanks for the simple tutorial. :-)

  3. thanks so much for sharing and breaking it all down. i have to join soon!
    i hope you had a great day and are enjoying a relaxing night! xoxox


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