Tuesday, 26 March 2013

10 Things To Do This Spring & Summer

"Tell me how to get back to,
Summer paradise with you."
- Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul, Summer Paradise
It seems that Mother Nature finally got the memo, in this city, about Spring. The nicer weather has me excited about all the things I want to do this year. Hopefully some of the things I want to do will give you ideas as well!

10 things I want to do things spring & summer:

1. Go to the beach
Andrew and I in Cuba - April 2012
Unfortunately, our beaches don't look as nice as that. But still, going to a beach is at the top of my list!

2. Go camping
Yes, Alex. That's fire. Don't touch. It's hot.
I went camping for the first time ever, last year. I had a blast.

Note to self: This year, get a pop up tent.

3. Go hiking

Collingwood, Ontario
I'm in that picture, somewhere. Can you find me?
I'm such a nature nut. What better time to go out and explore than when the weather is nice?

4. Be a tourist
June 2012
I used to work for a tour company in Toronto, so I did a lot of free tours around the city. Honestly, they're a lot of fun! I'd definitely do it again. Learning about your city is fun!

5. Go back to NYC/Travel

August 2012
Who doesn't love NYC? Or traveling?

6. Have a drink on a patio

Toronto has some really great patios, as other cities do too. One of my favourite things to do in nice weather is sit on a patio with good friends and a good drink!

7. Go to a baseball game

Aw, matching shirts. Aren't we cute?
Speaking of drinking, what better place to have a $10 drink than at a baseball game? I love that our stadium, the Skydome Rogers Center has a retractable roof!

8. Go to an amusement park/carnival

August 2012 at the Canadian National Exhibition
I love, love, love roller-coasters and all things amusement park related. My summer's are never complete without at least one ride on a coaster. And a funnel cake.

9. Enjoy the harbourfront

September 2009 - back when I was blonde
Toronto has a beautiful harbourfront. Okay, maybe it's not as nice as Chicago's, but it's pretty darn good. You can rent a boat, take a tour, or go over to the islands. Or just take a refreshing walk along it!

10. Go white water rafting

I've never been, but I'd love to go! That, or at least water tubing!

What are your plans for this spring and summer?

I want to give a quick shout to Rachael over at Letters From a Mermaid. I got an email from her the other day saying that I won 3 months of ad space on her page. Sweet! Thanks, Rachael!


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  2. looks and sounds like you have an awesome summer planned!! i loved all your photos - especially the nyc and tour one! i love fairs/carnivals...we have two around here in the spring and summer and i can't wait to take baby. now i am craving funnel cake. :)
    i hope you're having a wonderful day, alex. <3<3<3

  3. Tried to email you but it wouldnt go thru. Kept coming back

  4. I've also never been white water rafting but I really want to. It sounds like so much fun! That sounds like a pretty perfect summer.... if only if would get here sooner xx

  5. Dont tease me yet with all these thins...It's still SO cold here. Granted it was beautiful today and a little warmer..its still cold :( But seriously, all of these things sound amazing right about now!!

  6. C'mon summer!! Oh, I'm so ready to be baking in the sun! Love this list...you are set for a fun summer!


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