Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Where Art Thou Rock Band?

"'Cause it's nine in the afternoon / And your eyes are the size of the moon / You could, 'cause you can, so you do / We're feeling so good, just the way that we do / When it's nine in the afternoon."
- Panic! At The Disco,
Nine In The Afternoon
I woke up with this song in my head today, which is strange because I haven't heard it in over a year. As I was racking my brain, trying to determine the significance of this song to me, it hit me: Rock Band.
This was one of my favourite songs that Rock Band would allow me to sing off-key and still give me a good score on (to the dismay of everyone in the room, of course).

This brings me to an important point: What ever happened to Rock Band?

Rock Band was amazing! When it first came out, you'd constantly be at your friends' house who had it, and your friend knew that's what the two (or three, or even four!) of you would be doing. Now, most people I know who have Rock Band have locked in up in their storage units to collect dust (as someone who has a small apartment, I was never too impressed with how much space it took up). If you want to go out and buy Rock Band now, you'll have a bit of difficulty. It's easy enough to find the expansions for it still, but not the actual system itself.

A quick Google search brought me to this article: Activision Bails Out of Guitar Hero

It turns out that although Guitar Hero and Rock Band were developed by the same company (Harmonix), they were distributed by different companies (Guitar Hero by Activision and Rock Band by EA). When sales for Guitar Hero started slowing, causing Activision to bail, it in turn caused Harmonix to end their contract with MTV Games. Thus, ends the saga of an awesome series.

The good news is that you can find Guitar Hero at some arcades now. The cool ones, that is, like Dave and Busters and Disney Quest. Yes, Disney Quest is in Florida, but if you're ever there and you enjoy video games, check it out!

If you're still cringing for a game that allows you to interact with songs, at least we still have Just Dance!

Oh, Freddie Mercury.

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  1. I cordially invite you to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero with me at Derek's. It's true, both my systems are collecting dust in my basement.


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