Friday, 22 February 2013

Second City: The Meme-ing of Life

"And let me lose my voice / Singing all my favourite songs
And baby I'm living louder,
And dreaming longer, tonight.
And baby I'm fighting harder,
And loving stronger tonight."
- The Cab, Living Louder
Randy, who lives in the middle of nowhere with his wife (seriously, they live really far) is in Toronto for a couple days, for a conference. Chris, being the good friend he is, decided to piggyback on Randy's hotel stay. Which, evidently, meant Chris had to come in from Montreal to spend time with his favourite person ever: me. Oh, and Andrew. I guess. Unfortunately, he didn't bring his wife, Vic, with him. Which just means we'll need to have extra-long Vic time when we finally get to see her again (or they should just move to Toronto *hint hint*).

Before my current job, I was fortunate enough to work at a couple great hotels in Toronto. I got a good feel for the city that I live in and love. When tourists would ask me what they should check out while they were here, I always said Second City. It is by far the best comedy club you'll find anywhere (besides the original one in Chicago). Granted, some of the jokes are jabs at things that have happened in the city of Toronto, and you have to be aware of the news to understand them; but you can still appreciate them.

So, of course, we had to take Randy and Chris there.

The show we saw last night was called The Meme-ing of Life. Now, in case you don't know what a meme is, it's those silly little pictures I sometimes put on my blog.

Yeah, like that. It usually gets passed around from one internet user to the other, as explained by the definition found on Google.

Although last night's show started off by talking about meme's, Second City failed to have a plethora of jokes surrounding them, which slightly disappointed me (I love when their show relates to their title). They did a satire skit on how addicting Youtube can be, which was cute, but not much else in the way of Internet/meme related jokes.

They did, however, make a jab at Republican Todd Akin's idiotic remark about women not being able to get pregnant from rape. It was one of those, "Did they just go there? They really went there. Awesome," kind of moments.

For the record, if you don't know what I'm talking about in regards to Akin's idiotic remark, you need to start paying more attention to the news. This would be a good time to start. Google, "women can't get pregnant from rape" to easily find out more about the Akin story.

As for The Meme-ing of Life, I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars. It still produced side-splitting laughter, like every good Second City show does, but there were a few skits that could have been improved on. Still, I absolutely recommend going to see it. Second City never fails to provide a fun night out!

Us at Second City
From left to right: Chris, Randy, Andrew, me
Top picture: Selfie taken from Chris' crappy iPhone
Bottom: Taken from my awesome Blackberry


  1. Oh yea I forgot you guys went to Second City. I still have to go. Did you use a coupon? Lol!

    The meme-ing of life is totally something you would go to, too.

    Maybe we'll go when I'm done school?!?! :)

    And I disagree about the iPhone vs. blackberry camera. The iPhone takes way better pictures. You just chose a had example to compare!!

  2. We used two coupons actually, lol. My dad has an Entertainment Book as well, so Andrew picked up the second coupon from him (while I was still at work).

    We should totally go when you're done school! Double date? I think so!

    Did you write that on your iPhone, hence the grammar error ("had" instead of "bad")? Thought so. iPhone's sucks. Kind of. Maybe I'm just a little jealous.

  3. The meme-ing of life sounds like so much fun. My husband and I are constantly sending memes to one another throughout the day. I actually just learned that they were called "emes" last month. I LOVE that you start your posts with song lyrics. It's wonderful how music can just speak to you and make sense of things. Thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog. Looking forward to following.
    Have a wonderful night! :)


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